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We are a full service London based video production agency bringing brazen enthusiasm and creative energy to all of our projects.

For 10 years we have created content for social and TV for some of the worlds biggest brands across every continent. Alongside our commercial work for clients such as Google, NHS & American Express, we have produced narrative for broadcast channels like BBC, Sky and Comedy Central, we have also produced feature length documentary and film projects with the BFI.

Whether it’s glossy visuals produced by a full crew or honest and raw character based films shot by a single

london videographer

or utilising a large crew of freelancers, we like to add a touch of comedy into almost everything we create. We are at our best pushing new boundaries whilst respecting brand language to develop world class content. Whether you need a

video production company London

or worldwide, Sunday Treat are here for you!

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camera kit on location shoot
Gulliver Moore talking to Olivia Coleman on a Comic Relief shoot
Gulliver Moore standing next to Wayne Rooney directing a short commercialGulliver Moore standing next to Wayne Rooney directing a short commercial